Are your photos real?

Yes. I make great efforts and take great pride in maintaining my appearance. All of my photos are recent, real, and of me. Iā€™m also verified by Eros. What you see in my photos is the same girl you see in person.

Why do I have to go through screening?

For my safety and yours, screening is required for all new friends and is a way to ensure that we both will be comfortable and enjoy our time together. All information provided will be considered confidential and will be discarded promptly after our first date.

Expectations prior to meeting?

First and foremost, I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions ā€“ before, during, and after our time together. I also expect impeccable self-care and hygiene, allowing us to have a carefree and fun time.

How do I present your consideration?

Private ā€“ If we meet at a private location, before my arrival, please place my consideration on a table or counter in plain sight.
Public ā€“ If we meet in public, please greet me with my consideration discreetly inside a gift bag or card and envelope.

Where are your incalls?

In the Southwest suburbs of Illinois. Upscale private place for our enjoyment.